“A European exemplar in mixed-use design”

“A European exemplar in mixed-use design”

Meet Tony Hordon. He’s the managing director of Parabola. But he is better known as an integral part of the Parabola team, assembled by Peter Millican, to deliver this ambitious 40-acre project.

When finished, Edinburgh Park will be a place to live, a place to work, a place to enjoy a game of football in the evening — in short, a place that turns every expectation in the phrase ‘business park’ on its head.

In the video below, Hordon calls the park the “perfect chemistry” of commercial and residential. It’s a combination that will help make public spaces lively all day long and all week round, enhanced with world-class art and beautiful landscaping.

He’s also passionate about sustainability. That means getting people out of their cars and onto the park’s exceptional tram route. It also means thermally modelling every building to ensure it meets rigorous efficiency standards, and supplying them with renewable power.

18 months ago, we achieved detailed planning consent for the commercial elements here, meaning that work could begin on site and signalling the start of something special. As Hordon puts it, “What excites me the most is that I truly believe we will deliver a European exemplar in mixed-use design.”

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