"Vulcan" arrives at Edinburgh Park

"Vulcan" arrives at Edinburgh Park

Edinburgh Park has welcomed the "Vulcan" by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. Vulcan is positioned outside 1 New Park Square, Parabola's first commercial building within the Southern Phase development of Edinburgh Park.

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi was born in Leith in 1924 and studied in Edinburgh, London and Paris. A number of major works by Paolozzi are sited across his home town of Edinburgh and his fascination with the industrial fusion of man and machine are expressed here in the sculptural collage of ‘Vulcan’ (1999).

This seven-metre tall piece was originally commissioned for Central Square, Newcastle and has been exhibited across the UK before coming home to Edinburgh Park. ‘ Vulcan’ is one of Paolozzi’s last major works, it explores the mythic story and takes its name from the Roman god of fire and metalworking. ‘Vulcan’ is said to have built a forge under Mount Etna in Sicily and when his wife, Venus, was unfaithful he used his hammer to beat metal with such force that sparks and smoke erupted from the volcano.

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