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A building designed to make you smile, 1 New Park Square sets the standard for a business community powered by renewable energy. This publication covers everything you need to know about, from the big ideas to the finer details of our forward-thinking office building.

Publication documenting the ambitious arts strategy for Edinburgh Park, which aims to build a respected cultural reputation for Edinburgh Park as a new destination within Edinburgh’s world-class cultural offer.

1 New Park Square has been designed to meet the needs of the future office. This publication details how ensuring staff welfare, COVID-19 security, and sustainability have been at the heart of the design process.

Whether you live, work or play at Edinburgh Park, read our comprehensive guide to the scale of connectivity woven through daily life at Edinburgh Park.

The foreword for our vision at Edinburgh Park. Read about the opportunity, the masterplan and 8 guiding promises as we set out to ensure we create something exceptional for Scotland.


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