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Edinburgh is globally renowned for offering an exceptional quality of life, regularly winning awards reflecting its historic and green environment, vibrant cultural scene, and dynamic business community.

Attracting numerous visitors throughout the year to enjoy the city and to attend conferences, Edinburgh is also attracting families migrating into the city looking for a better quality of life post pandemic.

A compact city allowing relaxed and easy circulation on foot, by bike and an excellent integrated public transport system, the opportunity to blend study, work, play and family life is unparalleled.



The 1st city to be awarded UNESCO City of Literature.


Scotland’s second largest city - Population 548,000.


4 Universities with 80,000 students (including 17,000 international students).


Edinburgh has the most trees per head of population in the entire UK, the capital is home to 112 parks.

Key sectors

Human Health and Surgery, Software and Digital Technology, Renewable Energy and Engineering, Creative, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Robotics and AI, Food and Drink.

1st in the World

Elected best city to visit in 2022 by the
Time Out’s global ranking.

£500 billion

UK’s largest financial centre outside of London with over 30 banks and £500 billion assets under management and the headquarters of Tesco Bank, Baillie Gifford and the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Edinburgh is a cultural hub in Europe and is well-known for hosting several world-renowned events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest art festival globally. Other notable festivals include the Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh International Children's Festival, World Environment Day, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Scottish International Storytelling Festival.


Hosting over 50,000 companies and over 230 renewable energy companies.

£1.87 billion

19.2 million visitor nights were recorded in 2019 with a total spending of £1.87 billion.


Edinburgh generates £37.5m or ¼ of Scotland’s GDP (£150m).


36% of Edinburgh’s employment is office based one of the highest out of London.

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