Renewable Energy and Sustainability at 1 New Park Square - 2023 Figures

Renewable Energy and Sustainability at 1 New Park Square - 2023 Figures

At Parabola, we are serious about sustainability and 1 New Park Square is setting the standard for a business community powered by renewable energy.

We are proud to share these outstanding figures for 2023:

* The electricity generated by the 1 New Park Square PV system in 2023 is enough to power the Edinburgh tram to cover 5,565 miles. This distance is equivalent to traveling the full journey from Newhaven to Edinburgh Airport 483 times, or Edinburgh Park Central to Edinburgh Airport 1, 855 times.

* Ofgem estimates that the typical British household uses 2,900 kWh annually.  In 2023 the 1 New Park Square PV system produced enough electricity to supply electricity to a typical UK household for over NINETEEN years.

* The 1 New Park Square Solar System has been a resounding success in terms of reducing carbon emissions. The reduction of 13,760 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere has not only contributed to a cleaner, healthier environment, but has also saved a significant amount of money. It has resulted in an electricity bill saving of £17,135.91 for the building's occupants in 2023.


Full details:

* PV production for the full year 2023 was 51,927 kilowatt-hours (kWh) at 1 New Park Square. Our building's commitment to harnessing clean and renewable energy is exemplified by this remarkable achievement.

* Initial design for the photovoltaic system at 1New Park Square estimated a total output of 46,640 kW hrs. Nevertheless, the actual production far exceeded these initial expectations, proving the PV system's efficiency and reliability.

 * Maximizing Energy Efficiency: The implementation of a PV system at 1 New Park Square not only reduces the building's reliance on conventional energy sources but also maximizes energy efficiency. By generating a significant portion of its energy needs through rooftop solar panels, 1 New Park is conserving valuable resources and minimizing its environmental impact.

* Engagement in the local community: New Park Square's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its own operations. By showcasing its PV production, this building serves as a beacon of environmental awareness in the community, inspiring others to follow suit and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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