Pilates Classes Have Started at 1 New Park Square

Pilates Classes Have Started at 1 New Park Square

Agi Falenta is a founder and owner of Equitness & Pilates House.

As a former showjumper and horse-riding instructor, Fitness and Pilates teacher she developed her unique way to share the knowledge and passion both to Pilates/fitness and riding.

She created her own sets of Functional Pilates with small props routines where she presented them at the Pilates Teacher Training in Turkey, Poland, Pilates Festival Scotland and The Pilates Gathering, Pilates Festivals India and Pilates Academy Dubai.

She also created many interactive manuals and Pilates e-books.

A few years ago Agi had a total hip replacement surgery- being her own trainer and physio she managed to back to fully functional hip and body in no time.
Her goal is to share her experience and help everyone who is struggling with hip, knee & back problems. 

Agi also certified in KCR - Kinetic Chain Release and CTR - Connective Tissue Release and offering the manual therapy to help her clients get back to balance, functional and pain free body.

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